Feed the hungry across the globe

“What is the best of deeds?...
To feed the poor and the hungry...”

Food is a basic human right and from as little as £30, you can ensure that the poorest and most starved communities of the world never have to go hungry again.

Across the globe, millions of men, women and children are exposed to starvation and hunger, with very little to feed themselves and their loved ones. The reality for the world’s poorest communities is harsh and brutal – where is the next meal going to come from?

Our Feeding Programme aims to tackle world poverty and hunger, by feeding and providing the most vulnerable families and children with the basic necessities needed for survival.

  • Placeholder Image
    • Small Food Parcel
    • £30.00
  • Placeholder Image
    • Large Food Parcel
    • £50.00
  • Placeholder Image
    • Bread Factory
    • £70.00

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