"Which form of charity is the best? To give water.”
(Ibn Majah)

Did you know – the human body can only survive without water for up to 3 days?

We’re ensuring that the world’s most deprived communities have access to clean, fresh and pure water through our water projects. Whether it’s a hand pump, well, water truck or tank, we’re making sure dirty, contaminated and unsafe water is no longer an option for those in need.

You must enter a plaque name where required before you can click Donate Now.

  • Placeholder Image
    • Water Well Tap
    • £150.00
    • £

Water Well Tap

Hand Pump

  • Placeholder Image
    • Hand Pump
    • £185.00
    • £
  • Placeholder Image
    • Small Water Well
    • £670.00
    • £

Small Water Well

Large Water Well

You can enter up to 12 names in the field called Plaque Name for each of the 12 taps that are part of this large water well. If you enter only one name, this will be used on all 12 plaques. If you enter less than 12 names, they will be split amongst the 12 plaques.

  • Placeholder Image
    • Large Water Well
    • £1,800.00
    • £

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