The Mosque is the most visited place for a Muslim after home and work but unfortunately in many developing countries, limited resources mean it is not possible to build a big and beautiful Mosque and Education Centre.

This creates a breakdown in the community and stops them from being able to not only fully practice their religious beliefs but also reduces engagement and community cohesion.

It is clear that mosques play a vital role in the Muslim community, but sadly, many Muslims simply do not have access to a local mosque. Some communities have lost their mosques and education centres due to conflict or natural disaster, while many rural areas have never had a mosque at all. This becomes particularly difficult for the vulnerable and elderly.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we now have Mosques and Education Centres in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tanzania, Cameroon, Sudan, Burundi and Syria . The cost of a small mosque costs £10,000 and a large mosque costs £15,000 (dependant on location).

If you would like further information on our Mosque and Education Centre projects, please call us on 0116 273 3247 or email us on

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    • Education Centre – Small Mosque
    • £10,000.00
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    • Education Centre – Large Mosque
    • £13,000.00
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    • Education Centre – Donate any amount for a mosque