This Ramadan, as we prepare to sit down for a plentiful meal with our families, let us remember to share our blessings with those who are less fortunate. The prophet (SAW) encouraged us to provide Iftar for those in need during the holy month. This Ramadan, one hot meal will cost just £1. For just £1, you can double the reward of your fast.

Last Ramadan and beyond, through your donations, we fed over 300,000 beneficiaries in Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Burundi, Bangladesh, Lebanon and India. This year, we are aiming to provide over 600,000 people in the same 7 countries.

We will be distributing family food parcels to provide to provide Suhur and Iftar, as well as serving cooked meals at community Iftars. We will also be providing Iftar for entire orphanages everyday of Ramadan. This cost for one day is £250.

Share your blessings to those in need and multiply your rewards!

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    • Iftar – Hot Meals
    • From: £1.00
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    • Small Food Parcel
    • £30.00
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    • Large Food Parcel
    • £50.00
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    • Iftar – Feed an orphanage
    • £250.00