Share Your Blessings



“The nourishment of the body is food, while the nourishment of the soul is feeding others.”
(Ali ibn Abu Talib (ra))

Share your blessings to those in need and multiply your rewards!


Jazakallah for taking your time to come to my page.

I hope to provide food packs to poor people around the world, by raising money through my page ‘Charitable Cooking’.  All money donated will be used to provide food to deprived communities in Yemen, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Burundi, Bangladesh & India.  A small food pack costs £30 and will provide food to a small family for a month. A large food pack costs £50 and will provide essentials to a large family of 5-6 people for a whole month.

You can donate any amount you wish. My target is to raise £500 as soon as possible, so every little penny will help keep many people out of hunger! A kind request to share this link with your family & friends and gain more reward Inshallah.

May Allah accept our efforts and make this a means of forgiving our sins. Ameen.

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    • Charitable Cooking – Large Food Parcel
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    • Charitable Cooking – Small Food Parcel
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