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“Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person.”

Share your blessings to those in need and multiply your rewards!


Jazakallah for taking your time to come to my page. This Ramadan I hope to raise £10,000 with all of your support inshallah. Below are the projects that your money will be used for:

Eid gift – £5 – Bring a smile to a child’s face and give them a moment to forget about their hardships.

Plant an olive tree – £10 – Provides food, oil and medicine for hundreds of years.

Small Food Parcel – £30 provides a family of 3 to 4 people with supplies for a month

Large food parcel – £50 provides a family of 5 to 6 with supplies for a month.

Help a person walk again – £40 – provide support to a physiotherapy clinic in Syria.

Gift of Sight – £50 – Provide a cataract surgery to an elderly person and enable them to see again.

Hadith Books Distribution – £70 – Provide a set of 7 hadith books to a student of knowledge.

Bread Factory – £70 – Provides 1000 people with freshly baked bread.

Hifz sponsorship – £85 – sponsor a displaced hifz student in Syria.

Goat Farming Malawi – £100 – Provide a family with three goats to generate an income.

Hand Pump – £185 – Provides one family with clean, safe water for years

Small Water Well – £670 – Provides clean, safe water for years to a community.

Livelihood fund – £250 – Provide a family with a rickshaw, pulling cart or sewing machine.

Orphan sponsorship – £300 – provide full support for an orphan and their carer.

Small Family Home – £550 – Give a family back their privacy, their home & their lives in the Rohingya camps

Large Family Home – £1500 – Give a family back their privacy, their home & their lives in Northern Syria

I request you to give any amount you can and share your blessing with those in need during this blessed month of Ramadan. Share this link with your family & friends and gain more reward.

May Allah accept our efforts and forgive us during this blessed month. Ameen

Ashraf & Irfan

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