Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

Update on Pakistan homes
LIA Relief Trust had initially planned to erect a house for as many families as we could. However, after further consideration to the plight of the victims, we have decided that it would be far more beneficial for us to also pay for the drainage, plastering, kitchen and electrical wiring, this brings the total cost to £2000. By doing so, the victims are helped at a greater level as this method will eliminate the stress and pressure of acquiring the aforementioned items.
If you have already donated for a home in Pakistan, you can:
  1. Allow us to amalgamate your donation with another donor for us to pay for one home If we do not hear back from you by Monday 17th October, we will assume that you are happy for us to do this.
  2. Contact us and let us know that you would like your donation to be for one home (without all of the above).
  3. Contact us and pledge the remaining £1000.
We would like to build at least 100 such homes, this can easily be achieved with your help and support Inshā’Allāh.

Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Almost 26,000 homes have been severally damaged or destroyed, almost 1000 have lost their lives, 343 of these being children. More than 30 million have been left destitute and homeless. Everything they owned has been destroyed by the catastrophic flash flooding triggered by destructive monsoon rain across the country.

60% of the annual rainfall has fallen within the short space of three weeks. More than 100 districts across four provinces have been hit by these floods.

The crisis is expected to worsen as heavier downpour is on its way. Almost 1000km of road infrastructure and over 60 bridges have been destroyed. The death toll is rising by each passing day. Without access to urgent medical aid, food, clean water, and adequate shelter, even more lives are at risk.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to the people.” (al-Muʻjam al-Awsaṭ)

We at LIA Relief Trust are working with our partners in Pakistan, delivering emergency relief and assistance to those most in need. We are providing food, water, medicine, and emergency shelter.

Our brothers & sisters in Pakistan need us now more than ever before! Your donation could save lives! Help us support those in greatest need. Please donate now.

They need our duʿāʾs and they need us all to donate generously.

For £90 you can help us provide a family with a tent, mosquito net, 3kg sugar, 5kg rice, 3 kg oil, 3kg dahl, 20kg flour, 500g tea, 2kg salt and matches.

Please don’t forget to gift-aid your donation - it’s not going to cost you any extra but will make a huge difference where it matters Inshā’aAllāh

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    • Pray for Pakistan – Food and Tent
    • £90.00
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    • Pray for Pakistan – Pakistan Homes
    • From: £1.00

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