Bangladesh Emergency Flood Appeal

Bangladesh is drowning!

80% of Sylhet is under water. Heavy Monsoon rain has caused devastating floods across North East Bangladesh. More than 2 million people have been left stranded from banks that have burst in the region. There is no source of clean water available, schools are shut and roads are damaged or under water.

We are on the ground assessing a few locations that have been hit hard by the current floods. Locations such as:

  • Sylhet
  • Kurigram
  • Shirajgonj
  • Jamalpur
  • Nethrokuna
  • Lal Monirhat
  • Bola

We are also providing hot meals & high nutritional food packs (dry food items) & Medical/Hygiene kits (part of WASH hygiene promotion)

  • Placeholder Image
    • Cholera Treatment
    • £10.00
  • Placeholder Image
    • Emergency Food Pack
    • £30.00
  • Placeholder Image
    • Family Survival Kit
    • £100.00
  • Placeholder Image
    • New Permanent Shelter
    • £1,500.00

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