Arakan Emergency Appeal

Arakan emergency response

We reach out to you with a heart weighed down by the stories and struggles of the Rohingya refugees in Arakan. These families have endured unimaginable hardships—forced from their homes, stripped of their dignity, and left to navigate a world that often turns a blind eye to their suffering.

Imagine the heartbreak of a mother who cannot feed her child, the despair of a father who cannot provide shelter, and the terror of a child who has known nothing but fear and uncertainty. This is the daily reality for thousands of Rohingya families who now call the makeshift camps of Arakan their home.

But amidst this darkness, there is a beacon of hope. That hope is you.

Your support can transform lives. With your generous donation, we can provide essential aid—food, clean water, medical care, and education. We can offer a glimmer of hope to those who have lost so much.

Every pound you give is a lifeline, a testament to the power of compassion in the face of adversity. Your contribution can light the path toward a brighter, more secure future for the Rohingya refugees.

Please, open your heart and stand with us in solidarity. Together, we can restore hope and dignity to those who have lost everything. Donate today and be the change that our Rohingya brothers and sisters so desperately need.

With heartfelt gratitude,
LIA Relief Trust.

Please don’t forget to gift-aid your donation - it’s not going to cost you any extra but will make a huge difference where it matters Inshā’aAllāh

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